Monday, December 6, 2010

We Ask...Where is the coolest place to eat in London?

ZANEROBE General Manager Kirsty, lived in London before heading to Sydney to join the ZR crew. She let us in on her favourite place to grab a bite in the city...

"It’s got to be ‘Dans le Noir’ in Clerkenwell. It’s a restaurant where you eat in pitch darkness! The idea behind it is that when you suppress your dominant sense (sight) it heightens your other senses which when eating accentuates taste!

It kills any preconceptions and lets you face the realities of the flavours and ingredients. Before you are guided into the blacked out dining room (it really is pitch black – with no phones, digital watches or electronic goods allowed), you choose whether you want a fish, meat, vegetarian or ‘surprise’ based meal. The waiters tell you when the food is being placed in front of you, and then the fun begins of first trying to get the food on your fork and into your mouth and then trying to identify what you’re eating and if you’ve missed anything else on your plate!!

The food is delicious – think chic French food with a twist. All waiters at ‘Dans Le Noir’ are blind so they give you some helpful tips on how to eat/ drink without having your sight! (Put your finger into the top of your wine glass when pouring your vino so you can feel when you need to stop pouring to save overspilling!) So many simple and obvious issues you don’t even think about as we all take sight for granted - this empathy really encourages mutual trust and respect for your waiter. It’s a really fun and unusual experience however not somewhere I would recommend on a first date!! "

Check out the intriguing menu here

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