Tuesday, March 30, 2010

ZANEROBE is proud to announce the apparel sponsorship of Docomo Dandelion Formula Nippon Racing Team for 2010.
Formula Nippon is the equivalent of the Formula One competition based in Europe and raced around the world.
It's considered one of the strongest open-wheeler competitions and driver's are closely monitored for potential Formula One starts.

2009 winner Loïc Duval and local hero Takuya Izawa have joined forces with Docomo Dandelion in what experts are expecting to be the drivers and team to beat this season.
Co-founder of ZANEROBE Jonathan Yeo attended the official Docomo Dandelion 2010 season launch in Tokyo on March 26.
A splendid night of good food, speeches and positive comments on the season ahead. Yeo received specially blessed rice as a parting gift.