Friday, November 26, 2010

The Happening: ZR goes racing with Miles

Our buddy Miles is a dedicated car racer, and his GTR is decked out in ZANEROBE for extra good luck on the track. He recently raced in the Bathurst Drive and Sprint event for 2010, and sent us a few snaps of his car along the way!

ZR: How did you get into racing and how long have you been doing it?

Miles: Got into racing motorbikes originally about 10 years ago and then into cars in the last 3-5 years . Bought the GTR because it’s iconic and one of the fastest production cars available.

ZR: Can you describe the feeling you get before you are about to start a race

Miles: Excitement, I don’t really get nervous. Im just pumped to be driving flat out without having to worry about being booked by the police etc… I’m always out to win though…

ZR: Do you think the ZR logo brings you good luck or do you have another secret weapon (or just mad skills!)

Miles: The ZR logo has been on the car since we decided to dedicate the car to racing, therefore maybe it brings me some luck?!?! But really happy to support the boys at ZR. The other secret weapon is 700hp under the bonnet and probably the fact that I know this cars ability now and hance can push it to the limit.

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